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Welcome to the virtual space

The Power of Data

Next, the curatorial project "The Power of Data" is presented, a virtual space focused on making visible the data generated and stored by the use of social networks.

The Power of Data has been designed by architects from the generation of three-dimensional geometries based on different artificial intelligence algorithms through the use of design and programming software.

This immersive virtual reality project presents two means of experimentation. In the first place, to experience it via smartphones, laptop and pc, you have a 360 ° tour. On the other hand, it can also be accessed from the PC, laptop or through Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets to experience the project through a virtual computer game environment.


The co-founders of the laboratory met virtually at the end of an online architectural workshop in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, virtually connected have been working from Peru, the United States and Spain.

Immersive Sansar Experience

Available for laptop, pc and VR viewers

The Power of Data is open to virtual visits through the Sansar software. In order to access the immersive virtual experience, download the free software from the website. Sansar


Follow these instructions

1. Install and open Sansar

2. Create an account.

3. Verify your email.

4. Enjoy your experience.

Enjoy the inmersive experience of Power of Data

360 Virtual Experience

Available for smartphone, laptop and pc

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Project Data

The Power of Data is a project that opens a broad debate on the use of information generated on the internet. Architecture as a system raises the question of whether the evolution of technology in conjunction with certain data collected can allow an evolution to a tangible architecture development. The debate about who is the owner of the data that is generated worldwide or what is the use that is given to it and for what purpose, leads to reflection on the value of the data that each user generates. This information is stored in an apparent cloud, which is not virtual, but rather a server that occupies a physical space somewhere with very low temperature around the world.


Analyzed Images

Images related to architecture, biology, science, sports, religion, emotions and lifestyle; which serve to train the virtual brain of the project.



The content of profiles of artists, architecture, technology, neuroscience, influencers, athletes, among others, is analyzed.



The content of the comments from the analyzed profiles was extracted.

1464 Hours


4 Artificial Intelligence algorithms were used (Cyclegan, Stylegan, Resnet and VQGAN + CLIP) that were training for two months to optimize and calibrate the results.



From the data extracted from the analyzed profiles, sculptures were created to visualize the data in a three-dimensional way.

1 Million+


The number of likes from the publications of the analyzed profiles was extracted.



Virtual Experiences

Inmersive experience at SANSAR VR and experience 360 on your smartphone.




The hypothesis that was handled is the invisibility of the data. The current problem was analyzed and a series of questions were raised.



Concept of the Building

The development of the building concept through virtual sketches and diagrams.



Artificial Intelligence

From analysis to coding: Four Artificial Intelligence algorithms were used as tools.



Shape of the Building

Formal search of the building through various computer design software.



Sculptures of Data

From the data extracted from the analyzed profiles, sculptures were created to visualize the data in a three-dimensional way.



Architectural File

Building functionality explained through diagrams, cuts and renders.



Final Thoughts

Relativity of time, virtualization as a meeting point and awareness about the use of data.


Enjoy the inmersive experience

The Power of Data